Module 09

Yin Yoga, TCM & Constitution Types - With guest lecturer Dr. Angela Montenegro

In this module with guest lecturer Dr. Angela Montenegro you can deepen your knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The focus is on the individual constitution types in TCM as well as the therapeutic approach in Yin Yoga. For a better understanding, it is recommended to complete Module 6 in advance.

Contents of the training

  • Four Yin Yoga Sequences Practice
  • Short repetition of the 5 transformation phases (general
  • Psychosomatics of the 5 phases of change
  • Constitution types in TCM
  • Therapeutic use in Yin Yoga with the background of TCM
  • Time for any questions

Training costs

The cost per training weekend is €319 (this applies to the sessions in Lindlar). A portion of the training fee is donated to the children’s charity “Plan” for their international projects.

Upcoming dates

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General info

More information about Dr. Angela Montenegro at:

Please also see the frequently asked questions about my trainings.

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