Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings

I had the great fortune of learning Yin Yoga directly from Paul and Suzee Grilley as well as from other superb teachers.

The content of my training is largely based on their teaching, coupled with my own experience, which I have gained over years of practicing and teaching yoga and which I enjoy passing on free of dogma. I make the courses as individual as possible as it is important to me that I meet the needs of individual participants.

The following Yin Yoga teacher training modules can be booked independently of one another. The teacher trainings are certified by the Yoga Alliance and all teacher training hours can be credited with them.

Basic training. Module 01

Yin Yoga, anatomy, sequences & meridians

Advanced training. Module 02

Yin Yoga, Meditation and Energy

Advanced training. Module 03

Yin Yoga & Fascia

Advanced training. Module 04

Yin Yoga, Anatomy, Meridians and Health (consolidation of module 1)

Advanced training. Module 05

Yin Yoga and Trauma

Advanced training. Module 06

Yin Yoga, TCM & the Five Elements

Advanced training. Module 08

Yin & Yang Yoga, Anatomy und Alignment-Tests

Advanced training. Module 08

Yin Yoga & Fascia with Dr. Robert Schleip (consolidation of module 3)

Advanced training. Module 09

Yin Yoga & TCM with Dr. Angela Montenegro (consolidation of module 6)

Week module. Modules 01-03

Week module

Advanced week module. Module 04, 06 & 07

Advanced week module.

Online. Online consultation


Participants' feedback

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