Module 04

Yin Yoga, Anatomy, Meridians and Health (Advanced Module 1)

This is an in-depth study of the basic module. This module is not only about teaching Yin Yoga, but also about specific techniques to better understand and intensify your own practice.

Contents of the training

  • 2 extended yin sequences practice
  • Yin Yoga and the individual anatomy of the body (especially lower body)
  • Yin Yoga and Meridians with Meridian Massage
  • Face analysis from the eastern point of view
  • Fascial face and head massage
  • Healthy nutrition from an individual point of view with fascial abdominal massage
  • Energetic assistance with positions
  • Time for any questions

Training costs

The cost per training weekend is € 319. A portion of the educational contributions is donated to aid projects.

Upcoming dates

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General info

The basis for this module is the first module as well as my book "Healthy through Yin Yoga", Südwest Verlag, which is also needed as a workbook. Alternatively, please bring "Yin Yoga - the gentle way to the inner center", also a hand mirror and a Pilates ball (approx. 22 cm diameter).

Please also see the frequently asked questions about my trainings.

Ich möchte informiert werden, wenn Plätze frei werden. Wir werden dich informieren, wenn Plätze für dein Wunsch-Modul frei werden. Bitte hinterlasse deine E-Mail-Adresse und überprüfe sie nochmal.
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