Module 07

Yin & Yang Yoga, Anatomy and Alignment Tests

In this module, the content from modules 1 and 4 will be deepened and we will cover in depth the individual anatomy of the human being and its effects on the Yin and Yang Yoga practice. After this, you will have a good understanding of the meaningful structure of a yoga practice and will be able to customize it for yourself or your students.

Contents of the training

  • 2 extended Yin sequence sessions
  • Recent Yang sequences according to Paul & Suzee Grilley
  • The 14-10-7 principle according to Paul Grilley, to optimally align every yoga practice
  • Alignment Tests for Yin & Yang Positions
  • Individual anatomy and its effect on yoga practice
  • Yoga in the past and today
  • Time for any questions

Training costs

The cost per training weekend is € 319. A portion of the educational contributions is donated to aid projects.

Upcoming dates

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General info

Please also see the frequently asked questions about my trainings.

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