Module 10

Yin Yoga & the Yin Principle - With guest lecturer Daniela Hutter

In this module with my longtime soul sister Daniela Hutter you can deepen your understanding around the Yin energy. You will be able to integrate this knowledge wonderfully into your everyday life away from the yoga mat.


Contents of the training

Contents of the training

  • Two long yin yoga sequences practice
  • The deeper meaning of Yin & Yang
  • Effects of imbalances of yin & yang
  • The creative cycle of yin
  • The Yang Dilemma
  • Nourish the Yin
  • Why women avoid their feminine power
  • Time for any questions
  • Overview of the view and dynamics of the energy of Yin & Yang and the system of polarity and duality.
    • What belongs to yin, what belongs to yang. What does it mean for women and what does it mean for men.
  • Effects of disbalance of yin & yang
    • the effects and how we can recognize that our inner Yin & Yang are not working in harmony and balance with each other for a longer period of time or that the Yin is starving.
  • the creative cycle of yin
    • the most important aspects and interrelationships of yin qualities, the cyclical process and the importance of "missing links".
  • the yang dilemma
    • the aspects of life that create the Yang dilemma and the importance of being aware of the "milieu" that surrounds us.
  • nourish the yin
    • How we can nourish and preserve the Yin and what are the most important factors and how we can take it into account in our daily lives.
  • Why women avoid their feminine power
    • the female force is an active force that wants to move us and why women often use unconscious avoidance strategies to separate themselves from their power.

Training costs

The cost per training weekend is €319 (this applies to the sessions in Lindlar). A portion of the training fee is donated to the children’s charity “Plan” for their international projects.

Upcoming dates

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General info

About Daniela Hutter:

Daniela Hutter is considered an expert and pioneer in YIN consciousness.

With her work she creates awareness of how women can shape their lives "according to the female principle" (=Yin). Because in a yang-dominated world, it means for women to have to function contrary to their feminine nature - which in the end means that more energy has to be devoted to the tasks, duties and undertakings and is therefore more strenuous/exhausting/exhausting for a woman's daily life.

As a consciousness trainer for women, Daniela Hutter charts a path for the modern woman for more joie de vivre and for more happiness in life: The Feminine Way. More info about them on:

Please also see the frequently asked questions about my trainings.

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