Module 01

Yin Yoga, anatomy, sequences & meridians

In this module you will get important basic knowledge for practicing and teaching Yin Yoga. Even if you have already completed yoga training, you will certainly learn a lot of new things here, because in the yin practice completely different principles apply than in the yang practice.

Contents of the training

  • 2 extended Yin sequence sessions
  • Yin Yoga and the individual anatomy of the body (especially the upper body)
  • Yin Yoga and the development of pain through stretching the fascia
  • The use of supports in Yin Yoga and alternative positions in the event of limitations
  • Meaningful structuring of sequences
  • Yin Yoga and meridians
  • Time for any questions

Training costs

The cost per training weekend is €319 (this applies to the sessions in Lindlar). A portion of the training fee is donated to the children’s charity “Plan” for their international projects.

Upcoming dates

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General info

It is not absolutely essential to have completed yoga training, but you should practice yoga regularly if you would like to take part in the Yin Yoga courses. My book “Yin Yoga – The Gentle Way to Inner Balance” as well as the DVD of the same name provide a foundation for the basic training (alternatively also the new DVD “Yin Yoga – The Relaxed Way to Balance and Health”). This common background enables us to link directly to a basic knowledge and go into the content in more depth. The weekend workshops should be viewed as a supplement to a basic training for personal further development, and do not replace completion of a yoga training, which usually takes several years.

Please also see the frequently asked questions about my trainings.

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