Module 03

Yin Yoga & Fascia

This is the most practice-based of the Yin Yoga modules. Besides the extended Yin Yoga sequence session and a comprehensive theory section, we will implement several roll techniques using various supports to help the fascial tissues even more. This module can be booked independently of the other parts.

Content of the training

  • Extended Yin sequence sessions
  • Explanation of the fascia system and the latest research insights from an international perspective
  • The effect of Yin Yoga on the fascia system
  • The use of different techniques and supports to create healthier and more supple fascia
  • Yin Yoga and individual pain development
  • Yin Yoga and detoxing
  • Time for open questions

Cost of the training

The cost per training weekend is €319 (this applies to the sessions in Lindlar). A portion of the training fee is donated to the children’s charity “Plan” for their international projects.

The information provided relates to the training courses in Lindlar.

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